Monday, September 19, 2011

midnight in PARIS

Pencil & Digital Colouring

I've been admiring alot of vintage film poster artwork lately during various
movie marathons (mainly involving musicals and kids films from the 80s!)
I kind of miss the whimsy and creativity that came with the illustrated posters.
That kind of collaged aesthetic that pulled out various elements and characters.
I may post my favourites sometime this week as there are many!
But needless to say they have inspired me.

I've been working away on this illustration of Woody Allen's new film
for the last month or so in between jobs and whatnot.
I think mainly to pass the time before it's finally released here in Aus in October.
(I feel like i've been waiting foreverrrrrrrr)
But also it's hard for me to pass up a chance to draw Miss Marion.
I mean, what can be more amazing than the golden age of Paris in the 20s
as seen through the eyes of Woody Allen?
Not to mention it stars Owen Wilson and the M-Bomb Cotillard.

Click play below to view the trailer:

I hope you all had a good weekend!


eirryn said...

I saw the preview for this on the weekend, it looks SO good! Oh my & your illustration - just ahhhhhhhhmazing! I agree, vintage movie posters had so much more character - can't wait to see more from you x

lina maria said...

This is spectacular! I cant stop staring at it!
I was staying in Montmarte,Paris last year where it was being filmed! I can't believe it still hasn't come out yet!

Kelly said...

^ YOW! - did you peek at the costumes? I remember seeing onset pics and dying over everything. I would have hovered around for sure :)

@Eirryn - Thank you lovely - I will definitely share my faves very soon. I have an urge to start a film series so we'll see what happens!

Alex Louisa said...

Beautiful Kelly!

I adore the circle composition :)

JoolzGirl said...

This is gorgeous!

Kelly said...

^ Thanks Alex! Something new i'm trying ;) x

karin said...

I love Woody Allen and Paris but this movie didn´t get here yet.I can´t wait to see it.Your illustration is beautiful!!

Caroline Johansson said...

Wow! This is such beautiful and amazing illustrations.

ax_ELLE said...

Midnight in Paris has become one of my favourite movies. Such a light, playfull, funny story, the music was the cherry on top. I loved Marion Cotillard's dresses, Paris in it's 20's looked amazing. ♥-Axelle

Kelly said...

^ So good to hear! :)

Genna Campton said...

Amazing illustration Kelly. I'm a big fan of Woody Allen, and the 1920's. Can't wait to see this film and the amazing clothes...and more of your film illustrations. I started my own little series of portraits last year of my favourite directors and their films, Woody Allen was my first alongside Alfred Hitchcock and 'The birds' and Almoldovar.....and pretty much all of his films! So much inspiration, just need to get back to drawing them!

Haidée said...

love your illustrations amzaing so amazing

il était une fois... said...

gahhh! Kelly this is SO amaze! I love it soo much! the eiffel tower, the ducks, all the details...oh my!! girrl you blow me away all the time!!! <3 xxx

L said...

love the movie and your beautiful illustration! =)