Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Another project I spent a few months on earlier in the year was a second collaboration
with boutique label, L'avion, on a range of illustrated silk scarves.
(I previously had the pleasure of working with L'avion's director, Jo Scahill,
on the 'Plume' scarf for her 2010 'Woodlands' collection.)

This time around we worked on 3 designs to create the 'Jardin' collection;
a bevvy of beauties bathing in blossoms and woodland creatures.
Think butterflies, bunnies and deer.
I was largely inspired by my recent trips to Japan, in which I was surrounded both
by swarms of pink and white cherry blossoms, as well as the friendly (and hungry)
deer of Nara, in Japan's south.
It's a little bit Alice in Wonderland, a little bit Secret Garden,
(basically the perfect brief!)
and i'm so happy with the result!

As with the last scarf, there are also two complimentary prints for sale
of the artwork for both the 'Fawn' and 'Lapin' scarves
- if you're looking for a gift or just a framable piece of the scarf designs.
These are available in limited quantities of 20 only, so be quick if you don't want to miss out.
They're available in both my shop:
and also on the L'avion website, along with the entire 'Jardin' collection:


anto said...

Wow Kelly, these illustrations are absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect brief, indeed. Thank you for sharing, this project is really inspiring.

Mardi Lowe said...

I went to your etsy shop to by the bunny print but none of these new works are on the etsy shop. Please tell me they haven't all sold out already : (

Kelly said...

^ So sorry about that Mardi.
The prints are re-listed as they sell so I can keep track of the edition number. So sometimes there might be a brief period between the sale and re-listing, but I do my best to make sure they're re-listed quickly!

ylenia said...

Hey nice blog here! Visit mine and let me know what you think, maybe we could follow each other!

Joanne Christina said...

So talented.
Going to check out your etsy shop now.

Anthea Lau said...

omg i'm so happy that I've found such an artistic talent like you! your illustrations are so delicately enchanting that i would love to share your work on my social media networks!
I'm following you on FB<3


The Style Schedule said...

These are so beautiful! Great illustrations :)

Constance said...

These illustrations are behond words! It's so beautiful....

Abigail McKenzie said...

Awesome, I need to put these on my Christmas list! x

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for all of your comments guys, I really appreciate them!

Abigail - I hope Santa is kind to you then :)