Thursday, March 6, 2014


In what can only be described as a total dream job, I was recently asked to illustrate
the supplement cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia's annual Best Dressed issue!
Those of you who read this blog regularly, or follow me on Instagram/FB etc, would know
what a die-hard magazine fan I am - so I'm sure you can imagine where illustrating a
cover sits on my bucket list.

After chatting with the editor of Bazaar Arabia, Louise Nichol, about various bits and pieces,
I one day received an email detailing a project she thought I'd be perfect for.
Well, thank you Louise!
I'm not sure I can say I was perfect for the job, but the job sure was perfect for me!

With the supplement detailing the best dressed of 2014, it was SS '14 accessories
that had to make their mark on the cover image.
As you can imagine, Dubai is a place of luxury and opulence;
Girls love a good blow dry and a bit of bling!
So it was all about a raven-haired beauty, dripping in jewels, with the best of
the accessories cupboard at her disposal.

I'm so happy with the way the image came out.
It's very pink, It's very Chanel, and I'm very excited to finally have it in my hot little hands!
Thank you Louise and the Bazaar team.
The March issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia is out now.

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laura redburn said...

what an amazing opportunity! it looks fantastic :)