Friday, March 28, 2014


Already being a huge fan of British luxury brand, Mulberry, I was so excited
to see them team up with the gorgeous and über cool model, Cara Delevingne,
for their past few campaigns; each depicting an edgy yet ethereal woodland vibe
- complete with friendly forest creatures and gently decaying blooms.
Photographed by one of my favourites, Tim Walker, no less.
My jam, basically!

So, I was delighted further still when they announced their latest capsule collection
designed in collaboration with Delevingne herself and
felt inspired to do this little illustration of Cara with her namesake bag in black nappa.
I have to say it has shot to the very top of my covet list!

Check out the full collection here:


Rocío & Cayetana Lafuente said...

I love Mulberry too!Its bags are amazing!!Kss. Caye

elistyleblog said...

Good ilustración! Kisses

she. said...

I love those bags too.

emily webster said...

Kelly you are so amazingly talented and I'm such a big fan of this!

Tina Tshangela said...

i love this... cara is one of my favs!!! this is completely awesome!!!

Weronika Kostanecka said...

I love Cara this is really beautiful.

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